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You are not alone

Safe, judgment-free support and resources

At the end of a long shift, many Vermonters can "leave work at work" and return home to decompress. 

But your stress often travels with you. Trauma and safety concerns affect your family too, but when the next emergency call comes, you show up.

We know that this dedication is also the source of your resiliency. We help you build on the strengths first responders already have, including a sense of belonging, support from one another, and a strong sense of purpose. 

First Responder Resiliency

Resiliency: the ability of an individual to bounce back from trauma or stress
and move forward in life.
It's a skill that everyone can learn, and it's especially important for first responders.


To navigate someone else’s suffering, first we must learn to navigate our own.

Our resource centers are the place to start or continue your work.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Being a first responder is stressful. Science and research have shown us the life-changing benefits of basic meditation for officers.

Are you new to mindfulness or want to expand your resiliency with some straightforward practices?

Visit Our Mindfulness Resource Center

Depression and Anxiety

Emergency workers have high rates of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

You know this. You also may feel you have no time or mental energy to spend on self-care or support.
But your story is important and people recover.

Get Started Today

Recovery and Sobriety

Police, firefighters, and EMTs will use alcohol as a way to bond with colleagues and unwind from stressful day. 

Sometimes it's hard to stop, and substance use can overwhelm every aspect of life. You're not alone; we can help you take back control. 

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